jueves, julio 19, 2012

Escalation (Pictures at an Exhibition 1)

"La violence au Mexique" Exhibition, Paris 2012

What is it?
it’s a manner of not wanting to see
body just found 
dead under a blanket, and then
there was that odd catsup advertissement on a corner
like blood splashed on the white wall comely dropping its
tomato sauce until the art gallery turned red

and the seated man on the red wall, a depicted man, 
his arms tightly tied bursted
out screaming
or would have screamed
but for a brown scotch tape that made the turn of his head
muffled man
dying man, probably guilty
who can tell?
actually the rival gang would
wanted to learn it through
a professionally questioning of open wounds until
that odd catsup advertisement like blood splashed on the white gallery wall
dropped its tomato sauce upon a hamburger like
human meat
and the man, the depicted man bursted
out screaming for
a  muffled scream with brown scotch tape

what is it?
it’s a picture of a dead
body just found under a blanket, but
what if at this single minute another man
a dying man and probably guilty
screams for
upon his hamburger like
human meat
(while the pain has no name)
for the wall to turn red
and what if
at that single moment another man
also a third dying man and probably also guilty
(while the pain has no name)
screams his muffled taped up scream
for a final bullet  
for the walls to turn red
and for the mirroring sequence of seated men
(their arms tightly tied behind)
to rest?

lunes, julio 02, 2012

Elecciones de telenovela

Quien quiere votar no puede votar
y mientras en el sigilo de las casillas se embarazan urnas
sin participación de los votantes que hacen cola afuera
sino por obra y mano ¿de?
observadores independientes toman nota del hecho
antes de ser arrestados por policías con cara de comparsas de la telenovela 

irregularidades mínimas... alega  la prensa que cree en los finales felices
y anuncia un vencedor con 12% del escrutinio[1]

[1] Archibold, Randall C., “Weary Voters Turn to Party of Mexico’s Past, Polls Say”, nytimes.com, 1 de Julio 2012.

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